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O ur company is a leader in the production of bolts, fasteners and metal fastening products in general.

Our strengths lie in the quality of the products and the reliability of the service.

As proof of this, we received the UNI EN ISO 9001 quality system certification - to the full advantage of our customers.

Our company has always been innovative and ready to open up new markets.

This is the basic idea behind our website, which aims to meet our customers' needs.


Our purchasing, sales, production planning, accounting, billing and quality management offices are managed by a production process control system that enables us to quickly access all information about a product or a shipment.

La produzione

With a department that can count on more than 20 machines we can achieve a production of around 400 tons / month of standard and special parts, which are distributed over the different diameters, which differ from M4 to M16. To ensure accuracy and execution, the entire production is controlled by the latest generation of computer systems that follow the production process, from the booking of the order to the dispatch of the finished product.


We work in a sector that is constantly evolving, also thanks to the selection of qualified suppliers.
It is our strong point, because we keep every production phase under control through the use of qualified and expert employees, compliance with the TÜV-certified procedures and the presence of control systems on board of the machine and in the Quality department which allow the measurement, storage and monitoring of any data relating to the type of production being carried out.

Il Magazzino

We have three types of warehouse: - Raw material: where we store some of the material at our headquarters and another at our qualified and approved suppliers. The material is stored in each warehouse taking into account the different grades, diameters and melts, which ensures traceability.

- Semi-finished product: in order to be able to react more quickly to the requirements of a market that increasingly pays attention to the speed and punctuality of deliveries.

− Finished product: consisting of an automated warehouse equipped with two shelf operating devices and a manual part for products with a lower rotation. This warehouse has a total storage capacity of around 6,000 pallet spaces.

In addition to the picking function, the automated part of the warehouse also contains the product ready for dispatch, from where the two loading ramps can also be supplied.

Deposito Materie Prime

The processes of unloading and checking the raw materials take place here. These are stored by separating the various qualities, the various diameters, the various charge numbers and identified in order to guarantee traceability.


Consisting of three fully automatic lines, each of which is supplied by its own automated palletizer. The material is forwarded directly to the warehouse via a series of roller conveyors.

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